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Katib- The Haqiqat Corpus is a media collective providing scholarly articles, podcasts, videos and other resources on humanities, social science, and scientific disciplines. Our aim is to revolutionize the current trends in academia by suitably suggesting alternative lenses to look on distinctive subjects. This is an ideal platform for scholars, students, and writers to interact with their own peculiar fields of interest. The views expressed in this website reflect the author(s) opinions and do not necessarily are the views of Katib.

Submission guidelines

1- We accept works on topics that deserve critical academic attention and also which offer a fresh perspective on already discussed one.
2- Writers are expected to go through the published posts on the website to understand the nature of works we accept.
3- Works should be in Malayalam language, though we are flexible to allow words and terminologies from other languages as the situation demands.
4- While emailing your piece, please specify the genre and category of it in the subject line.
5- Works are to be emailed to editor@katib.in attached in .doc format.
6- In case the author is making submissions to multiple magazines, s/he must inform us the moment the piece is accepted elsewhere. Once we accept and start working on it, it cannot be published in other magazines.
7- The editors are completely free to accept, reject and ask for further modifications of the pieces submitted.